Hills are your friend


All 813 athletes go through hill training. I find it is a great way to build leg strength and work on leg turnover without the pounding of flat speed work. It also helps take the fear out of running hills! If you suffer through a brutal hill repeat workout in training, you will not be so intimidated by a hill during a race.  You will also become a faster runner by incorporating hill work in your training!

Live near the coast and can’t find a hill? Find a bridge. Friends of mine in Florida do hill workouts by running bridges using a tire drag. Can’t find a bridge? Find some stairs.

My runners may complain a bit (once they can breathe again) about our hill workouts, but they do not complain on race day when they are passing people on a climb.

I also find that chanting the 813 Coaching mantra “Hills are my friend” during a hill workout definitely helps you get through the pain!

Coach G


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